Afraid to die? Unsure about future and the End of Days?

Avatar Svadi brings an amazing gift to the Human race: the Hologram of Eternity – Your guaranteed key to Survival!

What is this astonishing discovery?

Your Eternal Hologram is stronger than any known force, any material on our planet! It offers each of us a realized promise of eternal life and personal immortality!! Avatar Svadi proves scientifically that God exists and the 21 st century science resonates in Cosmic Harmony with God!

For many thousands of years mankind has struggled with its deepest, darkest, secret fear. What happens to us after we die? Where do we all go?

Read this book, feel it, experience it – a deep abiding knowledge of your Eternal Spirit – Your Eternal Hologram. With its amazing fields of crystal energy, Your Human Hologram shows you how it unleashes powerful, primordial forces of quantum physics and cosmic consciousness.

Our Spirits travel in multidimensional world, where we are joined by other Spirit Travelers from our Galaxy and beyond. Released from the bonds of earthly chemistry; we can now perceive the Universe as it really is. Watch this magnificent story unfold before you – as pulsating waves of energy and sparks of quantum particles illuminate your Divine Consciousness.

Join the Avatar Princess in an Astral Voyage of Discovery; the most Amazing Ride of your Lifetime….

Why is it the most WANTED book on the planet right now?

Because book, "YOUR ETERNAL HOLOGRAM,” is a New discovery.

It is a key to Access and Enlighten your Consciousness.

In this book, for the first time in human history, it has been scientifically proven that people have many lives. The message contained in this book is very important for each and everyone in the world right now. The whole world is scared of the events that may occur in future. The current climate changes, the enormous earthquakes and devastating tsunami, flooding, with the meltdown of the economy when everything is losing value, people are losing their jobs, their homes. It seems that there is no stable ground to stand upon. Thousands Expect Apocalypse. No one has a clear answer.

The Ancient Mayan Priest reincarnated as a scientist, comes to people now after thousands of years with precious knowledge to support the world’s distressed population. (See details in the book)

What is this knowledge give to Humanity?

As the consciousness of humanity continues to evolve, each and every person will come to fully understand that they have experienced many lives. Each person will understand that they have lived as different genders, nationalities, races, and in all kinds of levels of experience within societal systems. From this understanding, humanity can now see that NOTHING exists anymore that can create separation. It will then not be necessary for formal borders to exist between countries, as all people will have one citizenship: as citizens of Planet Earth.

It will help get rid of tension between countries, delete constant conflicts and bring infinite peace, save huge amounts of money, which is currently spent on the military, governments and bureaucratic structures in each country.

At this moment book THE ETERNAL HOLOGRAM is being translated into Russian, Spanish.

The book begins in Chichen Itza and describes lives in Atlantis, ancient Egypt and Mexico. The remembrance includes an incarnation as Amelia Earhart and culminates with the final incarnation of this ancient Spirit Being - as scientist and author Julia SvadiHatra.

"YOUR ETERNAL HOLOGRAM" reveals astonishing secrets. Amelia talks to us through hypnosis, Amelia describes the last minutes before her death. Was Amelia meant to die according to a "secret plan"? As the Spirit's next incarnation, Julia has that answer.

Through Julia Amelia also describes her past life as a reincarnated Ancient High Priest of Chichen Itza. Many fascinating questions arise and are answered by this astonishing woman and the Spirit Being that became her.

Did this Mayan Priest meet an Atlantean Giant living in Chichen Itza? Was Amelia an Atlantean Queen or a giant in her past life? Did she belong to a royal family in Egypt or was she an Egyptian Priestess there? Did giants really exist on earth?

These questions and more are asked and answered in "YOUR ETERNAL HOLOGRAM, New discovery is a key to Access and Enlighten your Consciousness". New Third edition of the book coming soon.

Everything you will read below may surprise you.
As a scientist it surprised me as well – less than a year ago!

But not anymore. Deep, serious research was done, and I mean every word I write here.
When you read the book you will find that everything proves what I said.

This book is a rare, valuable gift to each and everyone on the planet from Amelia Earhart, an Ancient Maya Priest, the Queen from Atlantis, the Ancient Royal Egyptian Priestess and me, Julia.

As you can see all of these people belong to different races, religion and lived in different parts of the Earth at different times. Some of them were of enormous sizes with exceptional human abilities. Some of them were GIANTS, up to 50-meter tall, maybe like the giant Svadi or another who was 8-10 meters tall, or the Atlantean Queen and the Sumerian Priest who was around 3-5 meters tall.

This is a chain of the people who carried the same Spirit. When the body dies the Spirit goes into the next body; that of a newborn baby.

All of these people have the same consciousness, thoughts and actions.

This Spirit is enormous, strong and powerful. This Spirit is Eternal. It is one solid Crystal.

And this crystal will not be complete in your vision until you read this whole book and open every granule of that Spirit-and-Soul crystal. So don’t rush to go to the Amelia Chapter. This entire book is about Amelia, written by her Spirit about her past lives and even one future life.

I am the last in this chain, the one who carries this Spirit. 

And in this life the Spirit decided to reveal ASTONISHING SECRETS about himself and chose to be born as a scientist for this special purpose – a scientist who was destined to dig very deep, collect lots of information, attract the attention of the most advanced scientists, all over the world, to solve ancient mysteries.  Scientist who will compare with cold scientific mind all this facts in order to prove at first to yourself that all of this REAL and next step was to pass this knowledge on to the people. First time in human history here in this book remarkable discovery:the REAL PROVE that Spirit exist, it is Eternal and I even try to show how it looks like

. How did it start? On January 2, 2008, I visited the Chichen Itza pyramid in Mexico first time in my life. I recognized the pyramid instantly; it was exactly what I saw many times in my dreams. Suddenly the door was opened for me to my past, to Ancient worlds and I asked myself, "WHO I AM ?"
1. It feels like a Blessing I received on that day, when I started the research and ended up writing this book. Instantly a magic fan began to unfold. Discoveries started dropping to me one by one every single day! The past life hypnosis sessions were followed by an enormous amount of hard work, up to 16 hours a day during five and half months. What happened during my first reading was suddenly and absolutely unpredictable. No one expected such a deep, serious development from just one dream and from the chain of past life regression sessions. I found out then that I was an Ancient Maya Priest in Chichen Itza.
(As a scientist I didn’t believe and I didn’t want even to hear about hypnoses just a year ago, especially about past life ones! It was not until the spring of this year, when the puzzles around Mexican pyramid took over and won over my stubbornness and I ended up in that chair and got... fabulous result! Soon after that I found out about my second life in Atlantis!)
2. For the first few months, I tried, with purpose, to keep my channel free of any information about ancient Mexico, Atlantis, Amelia, GIANTS. I tried to avoid interrupting or influencing the information stream I received directly through the hypnosis sessions. In fact, I found out who Amelia was only in the spring 2008, when I studied my dreams for the book and found one dream about some woman pilot who disappeared before the Second World War. I recognized myself in that dream; I knew that I was her before. I went to the hypnoses specialist, Diana Cherry, and asked her to read me this dream. During past live hypnoses session I described many facts – how this woman lived and how she died; we found out that day that my name was Amelia. When I returned home after the reading, I Googled: Amelia, pilot woman disappeared. I was hoping that maybe something would come up. To my big surprise, there are many articles on the internet with Amelia Earhart’s name. 
As soon as I saw her photos, I recognized her instantly – the same woman I saw in my dream, in those long documentary movies and on the front-page of all of these old newspapers, which the paperboy was selling in my dream! I had goose bumps again, and each time I saw them. I knew everything there; I recognized all of these airplanes, car, clothes, people and so on. (Amelia chapter). YES, I found my third past life as Amelia.
So now I had 3 people from my past life and as a scientist, I wanted to systemize this info, my dreams, and visions and find out what is it all about and WHO I AM, by the way...

3. I started analyzing some thousands of very unusual dreams I had during my life, about Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and some ancient worlds. 

The things I have experienced in these dreams are very clear, with many details. I woke up often and continued talking with people in my dream in some strange, ancient languages.

"Julia sometimes when awake, repeated words in strange languages. No one knows the meanings or has any idea as to the kind of language it is. There was the sense that some parts of her lives were in another, as if in a parallel life. I listened to these dreams and was very puzzled by them. They were always very detailed, and it was impossible to imagine them coming from events of a regular, normal life. These dreams were always new and unusual, and there was the impression that they had a deep reason, with a certain inexhaustible source of information. These images were so bright, alive and realistic. Today, speculating on recorded dreams, information received during hypnosis, as well as the events of her present life, I understand that they are all interconnected. The general intonation of these dreams, and the events described in them, brought me to believe that all this is about cultures of ancient Greece, ancient Egypt or something even much more ancient like Atlantis or Sumerian," Tim, professional journalist and writer.

YES, I understand now that my dreams “are not fairy-tales”. They are real.

For example, I was like all Atlanteans, very tall, living in a big, spherical palace, in a huge crystal pyramid, using crystal energy for many purposes, including healing, meditation, psychic development or increasing mental capacity. I saw examples of dematerialization and transport of objects, transformation pictures and I could see movies like on a real TV. I had devices, which allowed me to see far away and into the near future, travel in space at very high speeds, impossible for us to reach with today’s technology. It was communication with non-human intelligences and all kinds of spirits and mind-travels to other dimensions. All of this was thousands of years ago in my past life as an Atlantean. (Re-birth of Atlantean Queen, Violet field). And now it supports what the scientists found. Just recently a little computer was found in Atlantis. Yes, Atlantean people had lots of fun and joy in their lives while experimenting with all these luxury toys!

4. The most amazing thing is that the past life hypnosis sessions support my dreams absolutely and even add much more astonishing evidence to each of them.

Once, during hypnosis session, I saw through the Ancient Maya Priest’s eyes, in Chichen Itza, a huge giant sitting between little Maya people!

“I saw this giant, this enormous-size man near me, sitting in front of a pyramid. He bent one arm and turned toward me. Then I saw his blue eyes, so close that I even saw his breath... I even saw the wrinkles around his eyes – everything in all of the little details. I could not sleep after that.... I was deeply shocked and it would be difficult for me to describe the sensation I experienced.

When I started talking about an island from where an Atlantean man came to Mexico, suddenly my voice changed dramatically, “it starts sounding like many voices speaking at once, talking at the same time, with an echo...WOW! You should hear it! I am amazed when I hear it myself! This sound feels as if it came through a Time Tunnel between the past and future, through the great distance separating us from thousands of years back, and affected with TIME’S vibration, one voice split into many voices with an echo.”

5. Next I started analyzing the lessons I received from my Guide in my dreams, and the lessons from the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh-priest, with an enormous long head, who has been in contact with me from time to time during the last18 years. 

6. During the past summer, I visited eight countries, where ancient civilizations resided on our planet, searching for answers. From time to time I was covered with goose bumps during this journey. This feeling and the waves of goose bumps were the strongest when I got near the Sphinx in Egypt. I was literally shaking. (Egypt chapter)

By the end of November 2008, finally all of the pieces of the puzzle turn into one great picture – it was an astonishing discovery!

I have a chain of 3 people who were born one after the other with the same Spirit: the Ancient Maya Priest, Amelia Earhart and Julia Svadi Hatra. Lots of facts in the book support this evidence. I recognize now that I am lucky in this life, because I had the rare possibility to see the chain of my past lives, the echoes from my past, and make adjustments to my future spiritual development.

Was Amelia MEANT TO DIE?

I woke up and remembered that I was just talking, in my dream, to my Guide, my guardian Angel, about Amelia!

During that dream, my Guide told me that Amelia was MEANT TO DIE according to the plan! And the name for the book should be Amelia reborn!

I asked him: “What plan? Who makes this plan?” Her death was extremely unfair!

Here is what he told me:
My life, hers, and this book were planned even before we were born. The Spirit planned a few lives ahead to ensure the best outcome for the planet from the next few lives.

To plan the next few lives?

He told me that before the Spirit was born as Amelia, Spirit made a plan where to be born, who to be, what to do and how to die!

The plan was… 

1. To be a famous person in the era of aviation in order to have all the data of her life available for me to insert in the book, to compare her life with mine and possibly with other people’s lives in this chain, such as that of the Priest. 

2. To disappear in this mysterious way in order to become an even more renowned person, attract attention and keep this interest alive for many years; long enough for her to be reborn and complete the goal, and write the book.

3. To disappear in order to create mystery for me. To have this dream for years in my mind, ultimately to push me to go to a past life regression specialist; at first thinking about my “little self” as a person, just wishing to achieve some level of emotional comfort while trying to get “rid of the heavy emotional burden” of a past life.

4. And afterwards find out a much bigger, serious level, and real purpose to what happened to Amelia and the reasons for her and me to be born.

Last, what my Guide told me is this, “In reality, the life of just one person is not so important.... The kind of impact his or her life makes on the well being of the whole planet is what is important, not only for the people, but also for nature, plants and animals.”

I woke up then and started thinking about it...

And I remembered this sentence:
Ironically Amelia Earhart has become more famous for disappearing than for her many real aviation achievements.

Yes, if Amelia did not die in this mysterious fashion, perhaps she would have been one among many other popular, pioneering aviators and live a long and happy life. Maybe she would not stand out among them.

I would not have had repeating dreams for years about a woman disappearing before the Second World War started. My Guardian angel would never have shown me, in my dream, this “documentary movie about this woman-pilot’s life” and I would never have remembered that, in the dream, I recognized the aircraft, how to operate it and screamed, “This is me!” or afterwards ask myself, "What happened with me then?"

I would never have gone and asked a hypnoses specialist, Diana Cherry, for help to understand what this was all about? If I would have only one past life as a Priest, it would have been a nice book, but fewer people would have paid attention to it, found it and read it!

Lots of spiritual books are available. But putting Amelia’s life in front of millions of people interested in what happened to her will attract their attention to this book and they will read it.

It will be a key word, like a password, for people to open the door to find, to study and to acquire serious fundamental knowledge about their own chain of lives and to start thinking about their own Spirit development. It will be useful, important and priceless for each and everyone in the world to know.

What is the nature of YOUR Soul or Spirit? What happens to YOUR SOUL after death? When this life is finished, will it be the end of everything? Or is it only one little step among many that a person has taken already – walking through the chain of lives, still having many to walk in the future?

Now I understand the enormous responsibility that has been bestowed upon me to try to bring this book to the people. And I cry for Amelia who lost her life so young, in order to help millions of people understand and prove that our Spirit does not die after death, and to demonstrate it through her own example.

Amelia is a hero in our chain; she is the one, whose Spirit decided to sacrifice in order to attract your attention to this book, and give to you this rare knowledge. 

I was addicted to crystals and grew lots of them during my life. I guess I acquired this love for them from the Atlantean part of my Spirit. I know when the solution reaches the point when enough of the little crystals have melted in the water; one big crystal starts to form. You can see the shape and its characteristics much better, on this big crystal, than on those little crystals you dropped into the water at the beginning. This book is filled with these little parts, which slowly crystallized through the book and turned into a magnificent crystal with a great structure, and in the end, gives us a much bigger picture at a global level from the moment you finished reading the book.

My goal, the main idea behind this book was that it would reach everyone’s mind regardless of their level of education. So feel free to skip things you don’t understand. Just continue reading.

Now it is in your hands...

You know now how important it was for me to write this book and for you to read it.

Especially at the moment, when the economy is collapsing and people need support; they need to know that they have a Spirit, their Soul, which will never lose value, and their skills and knowledge will have accumulated and be transferred into a new reborn person of the same Spirit.

According to TV, CNN program, 86% of the people in USA are scared of the economy and their future, and 75% are suffering from extreme stress.

Here is the book from Amelia’s Spirit to support you.

Now you have a bridge over the waterfall of your life.

Julia SvadiHatra.