ADRONIS, 7th dimension about AMELIA & JULIA UNIVERSE origin.

Amelia's Secret

WHO am I ?

As a scientist since 2008 I began a study these living BEINGs, this "living essences" which residing before in Amelia’s body as a, Mayan Priest, Egyptian pharaoh, Atlantean Queen which are now in my body.
You will find in the book many astonishing things which happened with me and my extraordinary abilities:
TIME Travel to the past and in future, by using « time travel belt», travel to another galaxy via « black holes», teleportation, instant materialization of objects, as well as live animals. (for example a wild rabbit on Chinese New Year day or a live butterfly in the middle of February, when outside there was snow.)

I started to collect opinions from spiritual esoteric teachers on the planet, trying to understand nature of these BEING, projections now here on EARTH.

Each of them told me that I am 2 in one: being both Human and a Goddess.
But for example when I am 2 in one at the same time, as a human, no one on the planet can explain this yet. It is not « bio-location». No. If you feel that you can help me solve some mysteries, please contact me.

#1 HONORABLE monk WonDam, leader of 3 Million monks in S.KOREA told me that I am very rare, because of some special qualities my Spirit has. It is human, but also “Multidimensional Supreme Being, One in a Kind, Goddess»

#2 Mexican spiritual teacher, Julio Luis Rodriguez said in the movie:
«You and your ETERNAL HOLOGRAM»:
"Julia has Twin Spirit as one. One as a human and second one multidimensional, an Ancient Spirit, Goddess. Julia arrived from the stars with a higher mission and important message for all of humanity».

In the movie at 8.20 min he told me that my Spirit is located in the twin pyramid, which connects with our Sun. And I am sending spiritual information to all of humanity, which going to awake the spiritual alignment of all people on the planet to this Universe. This was confirmed the same day by the arriving Twin Comet, as you can see in the movie at the 39.50 min.

#3 Top Psychic from Europe, V. V. K

This powerful person can make cloudy sky in 8-10 min 100% clean from the clouds
and only SUN will be on the sky.

"Yes, it is multidimensional," he confirmed.
And the most amazing part is that this Entity this THING, which is the second part of your SPIRIT, it has a very special energy flow... It feels ETERNITY, like a draw- well, which is going to ETERNITY, far away to another Galaxy or another Universe. Here is how this man tried to describe the second one, who also is part of my spirit, which is difficult finding something can help to imagine it: "If you saw the movie “ Terminator “ there was part when he start to be like a liquid metal, silver one. On top of it reflects light as a DVDs disk with all colours at once, very beautiful.»

He said: "That he never encountered in our planet anything like this. He told me that I am” One of a Kind”
and that I have extra unusual (peculiar) abilities from this Second one. He saw enormous power in the body and he said that I can protect many people at once from dangerous situations.
He was surprised by my abilities to travel back in time, meeting there real people and to receive precious information for my scientific research about quantum physics.

#4 Brad Johnson New Earth Teachings, ADRONIS

As for me as a scientist description of me above here as a «Goddess » was « good for nothing»
So I asked Adronis from 7th dimension via Brad Johnson:

Why was I able to easily materialize things? When I need something it appears in front of me out of thin air? Or maybe somebody is doing this for me? Why did I see myself as an enormous HUGE person, while seeing myself here walking on the ground? Who is a the second aspect of myself that is looking at me from the sky?
Which race do I belong to & came from.
Here part of his&Adronis answer to me:

You’re the one that is making these manifestations happen… is because of your energy. You have a very powerful emotional energy and things come to you very very quickly. It feels like they can materialize everything in. Not that anybody else is doing it, this is YOU, YOU are doing it. As you have very strong energy, your emotions and whatever you are thinking about in that way can materialize into that form into physical reality. So, Adronis has referred to you as a ‘Royal’. So basically what is Royal is that they have very specific genetics. Their Genetics, in that sense, is that they have a lot of Multi-Dimensional capability, so they are capable of going into many different Dimensions at the same time. You come from a Lineage that doesn’t really have a name. It is very very high up. It’s kind of like a Celestial Consciousness, so they basically exist in Higher Dimensions. You can’t really pin-point a Star and say “That’s where I am from”. From where you came from to come into this body’ is an Energy from very very High Up and we really don’t have a name for it. The greatest idea is that ‘A Higher Celestial’ would be the closest name for it. It’s beyond the Secret Space Program, it’s a different type of Program, not the ones that are documented, it is one that is a lot more beyond that. It’s more a part of a Confederation.»


Yes, I am a member of the Galactic Confederation & Alliance in Space, 2 people here on Earth saw me there. Yes, I have enormous important goals & responsibilities as a pilot in a Galactic program. Yes, I am travel to other Galaxies, other dimensions and parallel worlds, where I also live at the same time, it is endless places, and in each of them, people know me and accept me as their family member or friend and so on.
In the book I described how I creating new planets.
How do I look in that most high dimension? When I was participated at the Galactic Confederation meeting I was like a blue lightning ball.

Temperature of the lightning around 2.600 Celsius ! I have turquoise colour drop, it located inside in my chest, which helping to be in 3D and maybe protecting everything around from burning ? Buddhist lamas in S. Korea saw it, as well as few psychics in Europe.


Dream # 35
You know, my body is very different – it is not soft, a tender-skin body like here on Earth. In fact, it is like a lightning. I am on Earth for some very pressing, but very short business


Here is part from the Dream # 34 «Big Creature of a Holy Religion»

«The dream not life, but very real. Sometimes it seems that this so-called dream reality is stronger than real life. Distant reality – it is right. I was different; there was a different sense of self. I was very concentrated, like one strong crystal, or a monolith, with one and only goal in life. There is nothing besides that, nothing at all.

I haven’t seen such concentration in life and I knew that I should fly now – very far away, very, very far. Unbelievable, but it was my goal, the essence of my life. I was living by it all the time. The place where I should fly – maybe some other galaxies... I know exactly the place and now I feel it. There was a very, extremely important thing to do. In my dream, I remembered what it was. But even in a dream it was impossible to describe – everything was hanging on very delicate feelings. The dream was attuned to this harmony... It would be like the astronauts walking to their spaceship, knowing that they will get in and will fly with enormous speed to unimaginable distances.

And my goal – even to speak about saving the whole of humanity – would not be enough. Something global and serious...

And I alone should do it. Just by myself without other people or assistants. Only I can perform this task. And this desire is concentrated in me and I am arriving at the moment when it will drag me there. My goal was very distant – I was from there, from far away – as if I knew from where – I could get there easily, to that distant place. But my goal was from there, I came from there to perform my task.

PART 2: about my responsibility & work at Galactic Federation:

And suddenly there is some creature in front of me – a human being, a Spirit. It had no face. I just can compare the importance and responsibility with my concentration and appropriateness – like Saturn, nothing unnecessary. He appeared in front of me – straight, clear look, strict lips, if for a moment only I could compare it with a human face.

I knew him; I knew him well. He said to me without words (telepathically) – as if asking, “Today you will not fly to that distant goal” (This injunction is not ruled by anything, it does not depend on anything; it is like, today it is raining and tomorrow it will snow.) He said that today I should participate in SOMETHING ELSE. It is like in a Milky Way, there is a side branch which has a real ending and I need to help someone there. He expressed it as a request. It is a short and direct injunction. My main goal, the task of my life – will not disappear, it will stay forever. He had shown me this other aim for me to participate and to help.

I turned up in a place with some other people; we were like astronauts in the second film of “Aliens” where they all lie down into some cells to fly this unbelievable distance. It was like an airplane turbine, white, frayed sides, the hole, the entrance. We entered into something white, shiny, huge, with soft edges. We entered and then it felt odd. As if my body came out of me – the body, the heaviness, everything that has inertia, the weight was lifted – released. Only finest thin spacesuits, one over another remained – of incredible lightness. Perhaps only the soul stayed. Very, very light emptiness. They were transparent membranes, like Medusa’s; I don’t remember how many – 5, 7, 10. I started to look at it – at what I was wearing. It was like a spaceship, the whitest, transparent; it could be compared with a fluorescent lamp but it should be the cleanest one. I thought what a beautiful spacesuit I have! It shines like silver.

I knew one thing clearly – these few others and me – few human creatures (I can’t say “people”) selected among all people, as many as those who lived on the earth. They are a unity, a whole, sublime, light, holy..., not exactly a creature – one holy business, one religion, super-religion, superior. These few people... you know, the superior beings have something that unites them – some beings superior and sacred. The same was true in this instance. As if there was one superior creature, maybe a principal that had chosen us. And the selected ones – us – decided the future of the people in general. They are above people, as if an extraction of all people was performed, like something single and big over the earth, something great that unites all of the people. They guide it, they know what to do with it, and have a sublime sacred goal. I don’t know what to compare it with. And today I could not do what I wanted. He said that today was a special day that we should come together for some session. I felt that these few people were in the same situation as I was – they were wearing hoods. We all got into such a dream, but I was not sleeping and I had control over my thoughts; I can’t understand it, they weren’t sleeping either. We were in a kind of antibiosis with one thought or direction for the work we were to perform very clear in our “minds”. There was a feeling that this living religion became one creature, acquired qualities from most of the living creatures. It was thinking and acting independently.

In different occasions I was dreaming in colors, in living colors every time – once in a few months, or years. It was an event, and I remembered it – the whole period of life – green-poisonous-emerald, rich blue, orange-peach, pink, bright raspberry, white and light-blurred blue. But it is improper to list them; they are beautiful and LIVING colors. And today – a great revelation – it was a living energetic creature.

Her energy was spliced of fine rays of every creature, infinitely clear and sublime. It is made of all these colors. There was a feeling that there were no people below us – just a single cloud of all the people. They govern it; they want to affect it with this religion. And today we had to fly away from the Earth. This big capsule started to twist like a swirl, the tunnel appeared, we were flying through it, and there was a sensation of permanent twisting. We had to fly to such a place. They were doing something with us there.

I also remember that I was tall, high, maybe three meters, or more. I was wearing only white. We arrived to such a place, a very distant one, although while we were flying very far in this capsule, it seemed like a moment. But when we arrived and stopped, nobody was coming out, we were hanging – and the most important thing was happening there, something very global, crucial – and it took a long time. Something was happening to our spacesuits, or raincoats. As if I shed them off and became very light. And self-perception also changed; when I woke up later it was still going on. They were doing something to us; the sensation of lightness increased, the crystal – it was me. The longer it was going on, the stronger the feeling of lightness became.

These dreams that you already read and this next one, belong to the same Spirit, which was in Amelia’s body before – during my past life. Amelia acquired this strength, concentration, and this enormous focused goal to fly all over the world from the deep roots and the experience, which her Spirit accumulated during previous lives as a Mayan Priest and others.


MICHELLE FIELDING - SPIRITUAL COACH, for example during reading with the Angels,
she saw me and herself flying in Space on a flying sausers : )


I started to check my dreams...Do I really have something to support as what others said?

TWO in ONE, ETERNITY, multidimensional, liquid silver, metal crystal structure?

About this « royal race» I found lots of info in my book, which supports this…

I had numerous dreams during my life, where Spirits, Angels told me that
I am ETERNAL and a Goddess.

This is at the beginning of my book, it was dictated to my mind.

«The luxury and privilege of a Goddess is now within your reach. «


Dream: «Huge God Was Dictating Into My Ears»

"I understood that somewhere beyond my consciousness there was this Divine creature and it was also me. It was speaking in a very low, grand tone ... "


Dream Hieroglyphs on the palm

They also said about me: “You are a Goddess, and there is also one more person.” They also told me that I am ETERNAL.


Dream Gray Dumb-Bell in the Head
It seems that I am some other creature, who knows a lot, a multidimensional one. It has a different nature and it remembers a lot. As a human I am now 5% of it.


Dream «Ruby Emerald»
I look from above, like a huge person. The woman is standing like little Thumbelina.


Dream A Man of the Forest – His Name
It was as if I consisted of many stars. It can be said that stars are material.

I disintegrated into several creatures, and later – into myself-human.


Dream # 39.
"I was talking about herself. Here I am, and there is another that says about that: And for me it began with the words — "It is Eternal"

In the dream, below I have tried to describe the crystallization process of my body to prepare for space travel.

# 40, Gray Dumb-Bell in the Head

I had not fallen asleep deeply yet; I still remember myself, when some substance of gray color entered my head from both sides and started to crystallize inside it. It was not a pipe, the whole thing was filled in, crystallized all at once; it was fitting me very well – like a dumb-bell – with something like earphones on the sides – flat ones – it was about three centimeters above the ears.”
Now I know why my suitcases and my outfits are metal & silver.


I often saw myself as a huge person in size taking up half of the sky.
«What is most interesting, when I woke up and got out of this condition, a part of me was bigger than the ones that live here. The larger one was from somewhere above, from far away. It was watching when I, the little one, was coming back. It was like the Sun and one ray coming from it… It was a very strong and very real sensation. And so this Sun, the main part, saw my life with its own eyes. There was neither satisfaction, nor anything else from the one, The BIG part of me saw that I was here, only a very clear, neutral observation...

Yes, I see myself two in one in many dreams in my book. Second of myself, I was meeting VIPS for important meetings, performing healing and so on. There were many witnesses.


The Woman-Double and a Wise Man

I saw myself, as the other one, who stayed in the same place, and the other one saw this one, too.


Let's go back now to Don Julio.

He says in the movie about the eye on the Sun, which is located in the Twin pyramid in the Sun, where my Spirit is located.

Here in the movie: on 8.40 min
Don Julio received his knowledge and data directly from the Spirit world, from his Angels.
He is a Mayan priest and he can be trusted.
However, all the people out of the crowd were very surprised, they witnessed the comet and comet supported what he said!! in the movie on 39.50 min.

The Octahedron, this twin pyramid is the Matrix of the World for a New Era. Knowledge from there should change each person's Consciousness on the planet.
People, who read my book and watched the film, started sending me emails after viewing the information that supports the fact about the spiritual pyramid that said Don Julio!
For example, surprisingly, in the YOUTUBE was a video: LSC's Concave Earth, Platonic Solid Concave Universe, author sure that crystal twin pyramids exist!

Here discussion in this video: Concave Earth / Cellular Cosmogony ( channel @ConcaveHollowEarth )
The light coming from this pyramid gives energy to the Sun and Moon. On 1.30.00 min is also about this pyramid -Octahedron ( )
but they can't explain how it works and what is it? They say that energy comes from another dimension to this pyramid, and then to the Sun and Moon. Maybe from the Dimension, where I am located as a Celestial body, according to Adronis? Wink! ~ About this in my dream «The Queen of a Crystal Kingdom»
And in one more YOUTUBE video showed a real photo of the twin pyramids in the sky, connected with the Sun!
Did you see the green color Oktaeder, twin pyramid from the left? On 10.00 min of this video:
Eric Briggs aka Catfish interview - Mar 28 WSO UPDATE, Is the Earth Tilting? If so, WHY?
One woman even sent to me hers painting which was also a crystal twin pyramid in the middle of our Universe!

Our Earth is not Flat and not a Round Ball and not Concave. Our Earth is multidimensional.


I was again there. This time there was a huge celebration, we were celebrating the end and the 'WIN' of the LONGEST millions of years long WAR!!!!There were lots of viewers watching again and I was the last one to arrive. They point for me to take my place in front which looks like a very huge and wide sofa. I did changed and remove 3 layers of it, because I was like a fireball lighting in that dimension.
And then the event started. It was like a military parade in some way, but with no any weapons. It was Space military one by one, lots of them, and in front of them were two men who looked alike, maybe an Ancient race of humans. After this EVENT, they showed me around and gave me a grand tour, one about their artist and he showed me logos which he created for the agreements between, for example two races. It was a human hand and someone else from other race, but together, it was with 3 or 5 fingers or it was not even fingers...but something else...It was many of them, on the walls, like a gallery of this agreements and logos, similar to what companies here use and a on business cards. Next they showed to me artistic gallery. There were truly amazing paintings and when I looked closer it was partly paintings and partly holographic in front of the painting, made with enormous amount of little detail, for example millions of little green leaves. It was lots of amazing things there, but I like very much this another " artistic" creation: it was rooms, in each room was different colours, rooms totally empty and they was filled up with different ENERGY. It was amazing most beautiful feelings when person inside of this rooms.
p.s. A few days later a letter arrived about this EVENT. It was Kim Goguen from United Network News reported on April 13, it is 5 day later. Here is the letter from a customer of our company, who sent it to me. He had NO idea of course that I was there, in that HAPPY CELEBRATION in Space. : )

From: Richard Hark
Date: April 13, 2022 at 3:50:07 PM PDT
Subject: Kim on April 13th
United Network Global News Desk Special Report


Did you know that:
— The Plus Ultra society was formed at the World’s Fair in 1889. Eiffel met Jules Verne and Thomas Edison at his Tower apartment to start a secret society of optimists. Key members of Plus Ultra

included Ray Bradbury, Amelia Earhart, Mark Twain, Nicholas Tesla, and other key scientific figures.

Walt Disney was a member of Plus Ultra.

— The Tomorrowland ’56 expansion at Disneyland was actually about training future society members for the journey to an alternate-universe that had been found (or developed) by Plus Ultra. The blueprints for the expansion held key technologies that enabled the journey, including Supra Transport.
Where Is Our Tomorrowland? By James Pethokoukis

What people knew about AMELIA EARHART by now was only tip of the iceberg.