Unexplained mystery

During this entire year when I worked on the book, with my editor, Roxane, my neighbors, and my friends and I felt some Spirit support, a very unusual power involvement, somebody invisible, who was watching me, guiding me, navigating and caring about the whole process with the book. Sometimes it was hilarious!

Who was this Spirit who wanted this book to be completed as soon as possible? Was it The Ancient Maya Spirits from Chichen Itza? Or maybe someone from Egypt? An Atlantean?

Also because I really have strongest connection with them and sometimes it turns funny or even scares people! Here below shorts parts from the book.You will find more Unexplained mysteries in the book.


Once, my neighbor, suddenly ran to his locker room, brought out his laptop and put it near my door. I did not even know who drop this laptop and why. But he did not know either!

« “I am still not sure why I went to the locker room that day – there was no reason for me to do so. I was watching TV after work and I just stood up, went to the storage room, took out the laptop and brought it in front of Julia’s door. I acted like a robot or zombie... It may sound funny, but this is exactly how it happened.”» Tracy Graig, VANCOUVER

The next day my computer crashed, the hard drive was burned. I ran and bought a new laptop, but the technician told me that he needed a few days to transfer everything onto the new computer! BUT work on the book did not stop, it continued on this neighbor’s laptop!


My editor, Roxane, always had a line of people waiting for the editing of their books. Usually she edits a few books at the same time, but when my book arrived all other clients were suddenly “cut off”, disappeared or “decided to put their books on hold," as a result, she worked exclusively only on this book.

« I started editing Julia’s manuscript and then it began ! –My other work, either fell by the wayside or no other clients came knocking. I found myself working exclusively for Julia! To date, I have only one book on the table --– hers. It is as if everyone is waiting in the wings for me to finish this project before approaching me again. The amazing thing about this is that it does not concern me in the least – I knew that the minute I’d “put this baby to bed”; the phone would start ringing again.

And yes, it happened exactly as Julia had predicted it. I got two people wanting my help with some editing as soon as I closed her book. On top of this, while we were talking about future publishing plans, a car with her lucky number – 085 – crossed the intersection in front of us.

For all of you who read this book, let me tell you something; Julia is a true to life visionary and a superb scientist to boot. Every one is “one of a kind” as she says, but she is the “real” thing!»

Roxane Christ, Vancouver Roxane Christ
Author/Editor , https://www.1steditor.biz


In the meantime, very important information for me continued to arrive, but suddenly in a strange way. Once, some data was sent to me, in Canada, over the internet from Japan and which was received in Brazil by mistake, by a person there, who got it from Europe! Both people in Japan and Brazil didn't even see that piece of information; it was a small link at the end of an ‘Executive summary’ of a business proposal page


"Our first meeting with Julia, on Sunday at 9 a.m. was at English Bay. We talked and walked near the road. Julia mentioned that numbers play an important part in her life. They kind of speak to her. I listened to this and told her that I too have a lucky number, it is #13. The street was empty, it was a Sunday morning and suddenly one car arrived and stopped near the crossing and the car license plate number was 013. Next, the following car came and its license plate was also # 013! It stopped after the first one. A third car arrived with the same number 013 on the license plate! All three cars stayed one after the other: 013, 013, 013! She pointed and said to me, “See! Again, as usual! All my business partners know this… I was in shock and did no’t know what to think. The Universe really speaks to her and proved to me that YES some high power is talking with her!

It was an astonishing feeling and kind of scary. How it can be possible that someone sent at the same moment 3 cars with the same number right at the same time that we were discussing it?These cars arrived from the road, which goes through the Stanley Park and there was not much traffic as it was not a busy time of the day. For three cars to arrive simultaneously with the same number, it is impossible to understand. I met her again, after about a year had passed, and decided to mention this incident in the book she is writing.”

Istvan Orodan

Yes, # 13 was the most important number for the Maya and very lucky for me.


The Day I met Julia

«Saturday morning I picked up Julia from Lihue and and we drove to Hanalei for the interview with Kauai Community Radio station KKCR. The trip is about 23 miles and takes about 40 minutes. We talked about spiritual things and each time we would say something important, a car or sign with the number 085 or 058 would appear before us. I was amazed at the amount of cars and signs with these numbers that kept appearing. And the car in front of us for the whole trip from Lihue to Hanalei's license plate number was also Julia's lucky number, 013 (8+5=13).

e stopped at the farmers market and when we continued on our way to the radio station, a car with plate # 013 was in front of our car again!

It looked to me like the Spirits were trying to show their existence and support for Julia on this day, which was the kick off interview to publicize her new book. It was Amazing!
Captain JD Gott (volunteer programmer @ KKCR)
Sailing Vessel Makalea
Hanalei, Hawaii
808 482-1450


This is just an example of one day in Julia’s life... In October 2007; I was driving Julia, to the airport as she was catching a flight to Spain. However, when we arrived I looked down at the odometer and I saw her her bad number.: 087. ( 100-87 = 13, hers lucky # 13 was missing !!!) Obviously, it was a warning sign for her. She told me instantly: “I will not fly, I want to go back home now”. I was literally shocked by her immediate decision! The next day we learned that horrible, severe flooding had started during her scheduled flight in this area and by the time she would have arrived in Spain, 14 hours later, all the roads were washed away, they were closed by flooding, and the bridge over the river collapsed in Alicante, where she should have landed. This caused huge damage and people were dead and missing.

The Universe or some higher power protected her, like a guardian Angel speaking to her through numbers and prevented her from taking this deadly trip. Those numbers on that day could have saved her life or obviously from lots of stress. I feel now that it will be safe for anyone to be near her, because she has some high power protecting her and those around her."

Shawn, Canada


in 2008: Julia sometimes when awake, she repeated words in strange languages. No one knows the meanings or has any idea as to the kind of language it is. The word “Equinox” is often repeated in her mind after her dreams. When I heard her repeating the words, when she woke up, I tried to type them, but they were incomprehensible to both of us.

There was the sense that some parts of her lives were in another, as if in a parallel life. These images were so bright, alive and realistic.

Tim, journalist and writer in the genre of science fiction


The elevator and car incident

Since Julia’s limo driver mixed the day when he was to meet her when she returned from Europe, she called me and I met her at the airport. She said she was tired after a long flight and maybe it would be difficult for her to control her “electrical energy.” I was sure she was kidding and didn’t pay attention to what she said...What happened next was unbelievable; the alternator and an axel in the car broke down as we arrived! Lucky it did not happen on the way... and the elevators stopped working! I am lucky I was not inside! I walked down the 19 flights of stairs. Yes, her peaceful nature was disturbed by my negativity. You need to be positive when you are with her, you will be happier and maybe you will be blessed. If you are negative or rude it could mean punishment for you in some little or bigger ways, such as it happened with my car.

William, Julia’s neighbor, co-creator of «GOOGLE EARTH», geologist


Julia's body sometime produces very unusual, powerful electricity. It can affect phones, elevators, cars, fire alarms and so on.

It is good that she now knows and has began to control it. A long time ago, she didn’t. Once she had some reason to be upset about something and she looked out the window of her place. We saw that the fire started suddenly in garage across the street and fire trucks arrived almost immediately.

It happened a few times during those years, because of this incredible energy emanating from her eyes, which ignited the things on which she focused when she was upset... However, and since she has controlled herself, it has not happened for many years...

Once we dropped her and her daughter at the train station, and on the way home, the axel and alternator of our car broke down! I was sure Julia was responsible for this incident, because my car was in a perfect working condition when we left home to pick her up.

By the way, just a week earlier, my brother, Alex's car broke down for exactly the same reason. I had seen Julia pass near the car a few times.. Sometimes this sort of electricity ability of hers is helping her and people, she is one powerful lady.

Julia's family members


«We live in Belgium and in the Netherlands, and once we mentioned about Julia’s abilities to our friend, who is psychic. When she started thinking about Julia, suddenly the electricity at her place began acting up. Her TV-set was turned on, and even after she pulled the plug out, it was still switched on! This scared her and she waited a week before she dared tell us about it. We then told her that Julia lived across the ocean in Canada. When we told Julia about this, she explained it as, “Easy.When we have day here in Europe, in Canada it’s nighttime.” During her night-dream, her Spirit may have felt this psychic attention and maybe electricity in the house started reacting to Julia’s Spirit presence.

A few weeks later, Julia was coming to visit my nephew and his wife in Australia. I sent him a note (as a joke) saying, « “A storm is coming,»” because my memory was fresh of our experiences with our psychic friend. They live on the top of a huge old volcano crater, below which there is a large valley. During the first night when Julia slept in the house, strange electricity problems occurred in town, they blew up the station in two places and there was no electricity from 11PM until the next day (in a town of 75,000 people). That night, on the first of January 2009, Julia saw some global flooding in her dream; with waves two-third the height of the snow-capped mountains. That huge ocean wave inundated this valley and she tried to do something about it. I guess she saw fragments of her past life and flooding in Atlantis. The next evening an enormous storm and rain started, which beat all Australian records with a huge amount of lightning. There were some 80,000 lightning strikes recorded that night! The entire valley was under constant, bright, electricity light.

These three cases are, by some coincidence, connected with Julia, and all related to her presence in each area. There is already a list of the cases and witnesses, and it forms a pattern of occurrences. It looks like her ability from her past life as a queen in Atlantis is still a strong part of her Spirit even now.

Wim, Belgium, www.akaija.com


«This girl with long blond hair passed my tent at 6:10 p.m. I was closed for the day. All souvenirs were already in the boxes. She walked by and I followed her in the same direction to talk with my friend at the next tent. Suddenly she looked up and a long heavy wood stick moved and fell down
right where I was ! Thank God I am okay and no scratches! This is what happened really, weird... and I hope she is not a witch from Canada... no this is a joke. She is an attractive girl and her hair is very rare.

Barent, Amsterdam


On the 6th of July we celebrated Dee finishing elementary school and her up-coming birthday. Soon she would be leaving to Europe with her mother for the summer vacation, and to visit relatives. We went out to Robson Street for Sushi for lunch. While we were eating, Dee pointed out to a tea cup on the table, saying, “did you see, it moved!"
Julia looked at the cup, checked the table, it was dry so the cup was not sliding along, and it was three-quarters full of water. As we continued to eat, another cup moved again, between her and Christy. The first time the cup moved, only Dee saw it, however the second time we all saw it. When the waitress returned, we asked her if there were ghosts in the restaurant as a joke, but she laughed and walked away. So other than ghosts, we didn't have any other explanation. It was strange but it did happen and we sure that it is Julia’s energy acting this way».

Shawn, D. Lauren, Christy, Vancouver


Materialization or Teleportation?

I received numerous letters from readers where they asking if any new cases of teleportation was recorded?

In 2011 was this one:

* It was enormous hot day in September in Black Sea and I was walking for a maybe 2-3 hours and just dream about water. When I return to my hotel, girl (her name Veronica) finished cleaning my room and was near the door washing floor in the hallway.I stop in front of her and at this moment suddenly cup appear in the air !!! between us! I catch it automatically and put this cap on top of the refrigerator near me...and don't know what to think about it ...cup was full of water.... ! I realized what juts happened and can not understand it…

I ask Veronica: Did you bring this cap? She say: No, I did not. We don't have cups like this one.

I went down and ask manager of this little hotel. He told me that in this place they don't have any cup with this design... Veronica told to manager that will never will go again upstairs to clean that room.

On the cap was picture of the girl and boy in Ukrainian outfits.I make photo of the cup and send e-mail about this strange case to my relatives.Suddenly one relative recognize the cup! He told me that he bought this kind of cups few years ago and it is in the room upstairs in there summer house, which located few miles away! Whole house closed, because summer season is finished, everybody left month ago, before I arrived to this city from Canada.

How this cup arrive to hotel throw the closed doors? who send to me cup with water when I was needed this badly…?

This happened during documentary movie production in Vancouver, Canada

"After we finished filming part for the movie, we went outside the building with Julia and other members. Suddenly I saw little things which fell down around Julia! It came from nowhere; I mean literary from the air! It was hard to understand from which material it was made. But most amazing was that all 5 colours on each of this little pieces was the exact the same colour as the outfit Julia was wearing, including her bag and bracelet! But not only the colour; it was the exact, precise shade & tone of these colours!

How can this be possible? And from where did it come from? I was amazed, so I took the photo."

Andreas Kerlie, camera man

* Next day it happened again in the store department of the Pacific Centre shopping Mall in front of girls...they was really amazed : )This colorful peaces full down like a rain all around me... :)

* During last few years people pick up little pure crystals which appear around me from nowhere...I guess crystals because past life in Atlantis.

I think my body doing this the same way like in this video on YOUTUBE.

My Spirit in great harmony and for fun just find somewhere on the planet this particles, which fit precise this exact combination of the colours on my outfits Or maybe Spirit "simply" created them?

In 2023, I was in Turkey, in the morning of Chinese New Year day I want real rabbit badly! : )
And when I went outside I literary can not believe my own eyes! It was REAL ALIVE WILD RABBIT was sitting near the building, in the middle of this town. I sent to my friends:

Date: Sunday, January 22, 2023 10:45 AM +03:00
This wild rabbit run to me today exact at NEW MOON, Chinese New Year day ! BLESSINGS from this miracle rabbit to each and everyone ! Why he have white wide line on this back ? Millions of years ago here was opened volcano and white lava went out, all stones have this lines... so rabbits was mimicking to rocks around for the survival or was survived only those who had this white line…

And...YES, I did it again! : )

It happened today in Australia, the whole family were witnesses of a funny teleportation & materialization story.I sent a quail egg from a cage outside, in the garden of the house to the house!Distance around 50 meters.The egg landed safely on the bed of their beautiful 13 years old girl with black hair and blue eyes, name Leno.She was writing for a long time a boring letter and as soon as I start to know this, I guess my Spirit decided to make some funny entertainment for her... : ). It was in an instant and in a split second.On the photo normal chicken eggs and those which smaller size was teleported.

Teleportation Tutorial: Tesla's Magnetic Wall>>


Please see photos in the book.
What happened today in the morning... on top of all this was mind-boggling... However, this means that I move things telepathically, not only in one place, but also from one place to another – a place that can be far away, from where I stand or sit at the time. And what is even more astonishing to me is the fact that these objects – the branch, the screw and RED bag were all inside my favorite black backpack (with the name, “Black Diamond” on it), which was closed when these incidents occurred. From then on, I am now monitoring developments. I have no idea what I can expect next. It worries me somewhat, because I don’t know how to control it. What if I sent my door keys to some place across the street, for example, I would never find them.


The last words that were on my mind, while I was creating this table, were: Materialization, teleportation, moving objects.... Was this the “Materialization” of a live butterfly? Or is this a gift to me from the ancient Spirits who supported me during the whole process of writing this book? By coincidence, from today my whole book will be on the internet. It is now possible for everyone to read it... I clicked on the calendar of my laptop, it was February 19th, and took a photo of this gorgeous butterfly. I was still in shock, really, this kind of butterfly usually appears in Stanley Park at the end of June. I was still thinking about this outstanding situation, when I remembered a letter I received recently:

Hello Julia,

It's Mark Zealand, the documentary/camera man from English Bay.

I just wanted to say that I found our conversation very interesting, also very random!

One minute I'm filming people walking by, the next I'm listening to your unique story while an old man walks by with pigeons landing on his head!!

Well, I just wanted to say hello and if you want to talk some more about possible project ideas, let me know.

Cheers, Mark


I was making photos and i asked animals stay, do not move...

But the raccoon still didn’t move! He stayed in the same position!

All of a sudden, I heard a man’s voice behind me, saying, “» Look, the raccoon is posing for this girl, can you believe it?” “Look! He is frozen!” « he added.

Yes. He was frozen! Like the squirrel before him, and I just didn’t know what was going on. Almost five minutes had passed since I took his photo according to the camera time and he stayed like this... Well, this is kind of strange, very strange.


«Suddenly, the air around me began to feel very hot! I found myself in the middle of an enormous flame and it sparkled! I experienced heavenly, beautiful energy around me. I enjoyed being in this sparkling cloud, which wrapped around my body like a cocoon. It continued to surround me for 2 to 3 minutes.

The monks, who had stayed near me, saw it; felt it and they were in total shock! They decided that this was a sign that maybe I am the Goddess Bodhisattva and that I had come to visit the temple again, and they reported what happened to the top monk.

As for me, I don’t know how to explain this. It is evident that she came and was around me... The monks asked me what I did. I told them that I started calling for her to come to me. Perhaps I didn’t understand the translation that I should just pronounce her name and say my wish. Maybe it was the Spirit of the Maya Priest, which is inside me that intervened. He used to be in connection with God& Spirits and I would know exactly how to deal with Goddesses.»

Julia Svadihatra


in ROME When we went outside St. Peter’s Basilica, I decided to cross the square. As soon as I was alone and somewhat separated from people, I instantly felt the very strong presence of someone near me! My whole body was covered with goose bumps ... and I started talking to this Spirit. I told him that I felt him and so on, and so on... My daughter didn’t notice it! Since we were very rushed, she ran ahead and turned to take some pictures while I was totally in shock with this astounding feeling of talking to this Spirit! In the middle of a sunshiny day! And with thousands of people around! See the photo!



“How can this be possible?” That question came back to mind immediately.
There is only one way for someone to unravel an entire roll of toilet paper and roll it around the doorknob from the inside in the bathroom, – with time and very patiently.

And this way it closed bathroom door and impossible to open it from outside !

What really hit me: someone did it from inside, but there was no one, nobody inside! Our apartment was located on the fourth floor and there was NO window – no access to the washroom except through the door. How this can be possible?

I then decided to put the kettle on the stove to make some tea and waited for a few seconds. At the same moment, a drawer and a door from the kitchen cabinets popped open loudly! The drawer on top contained spoons, forks, knifes; the cupboard below stored big things like pots. In order to open it, someone should have pulled the first drawer near the wall, and the other door needed to be pulled from inside, where I stood in amazement. I was totally lost with two unexplained events.

Next GHOST did this:

Suddenly something horrible happened! Something came inside me from under my feet, went through my body, up to my chest and stayed there – some sort of enormous pressure, like a two ton-truck had settled against my chest and was compressing my lungs. I couldn’t breathe.The pressure was finally released with a terrible blow and it left me with the most awful pain in my lungs. I woke up and I could hardly breathe! Each breath was painful for me. This ghost pretended to be my friend and I trusted him. This allowed him to do these horrible things! That day I called Canada but I couldn’t really talk – my voice was but a whisper. People asked why I talked like that? I tried to tell them that a ghost had come during my dream and had settled on my body. They didn’t believe me; instead they told me to “get some sleep!”

“I wish I could,” I said, “but it’s impossible.” When I told them that I could not sleep because of some ghost, they started worrying about my mental health..

I went to cemetery which under windows, right next to our building to talk with this GHOST

and ask him never ever come again !

Suddenly I saw a bunch of them standing near me – they were surrounding me! Perhaps more than ten kind of white people’s shadows! Like pieces of fog... To my surprise, instead of being scared, I was glad that I made my speech in “public”, not to the empty air. I told them, “I see that you all were listening to me carefully. Very good! BYE forever” and I returned home.

And you know what? They never, ever bothered me again.


I was kidnapped and was object for the SACRIFICE.

When I saw him opening the trunk at the back of the car, I threw the big candle out of the window as far as I could into the brush nearby. To date I have no explanation as to why I did this. It was like someone took my hand and moved it, as if I was a puppet. Very mechanical move...

I never saw him again. But I know that that strange, unexpected movement of my hand, which threw the candle into the darkness, saved my life. Later I realize that without that huge candle this person can not go and participate in that terrible sacrifice ceremony and he let me go...

Who was it? My guardian Angel? Or maybe the Priest in me knew exactly what to do and that this candle was the key to my freedom? I still don’t know. This Spirits saved my life.

Actually this is hilarious! In order to write this book and give this precious knowledge to HUMANITY, I was already sacrificed as AMELIA and this was according to my CONTRACT and WILL, which was signed in HEAVEN thousands of years ago. It can not be interrupted by that satanic ugly cult sacrifice!


I sent to my friend Marianne in Holland:

Interesting that the Priest decided to be re-born in this present life where the day, year, hour and minute comprised only the numbers 8 and 5. Year 2008, according to the Maya calendar, is year 5008. This is the year when I found my past life as a Maya Priest and visited Mexico for the first time. Meaning of #5 and #8: The Priest, The Hand of God, Body and Soul.

I got ISBN number for my book Priest: It was exact day, month and year when I was born !»

Hour later she send me back:

« Julia, you are not going to believe this.... This afternoon I registered my 2 books for ISBN number and the book that 'will smash like a bom' ends at.... 8-5!!! Creepy!!

Marianne, Netherlands, https://www.vorigelevens.nl

I add to the letter to my editor:

Dear Roxane, strange unexplained things continue...person ask when I was born, I sent to her about 8 and 5 numbers, hour later she register her own book with ISBN...all numbers 8 and 5!!!

Roxane replayed to me:

« Hi Julia, Did you know I was born on the 8th of the 5th month? Maybe that's why you chose me as your editor? « Roxane


One part from the book, sound really strange...but if you read whole book you will find prove to it.
That bones were found in the Nikumaroro Islands in 1938 by a British colonial administrator of Irish descent, Gerald B. Gallagher, whose nickname was in fact, Irish.

When only about 24 hours out of Suva, he died. The natives are superstitious as the devil and the next night ... they threw the gunnysack full of bones overboard. Gallagher did die on Nikumaroro about 24 hours after returning from leave in Fiji."
This incident with its CURSE can be one of the extra proofs that Spirits were involved! YES, it sounds weird, but this is exactly what it is! Hers and my past lives were Ancient Maya Priest and Egyptian Royal Priestess. The Spirit was angry with this man, Gerald. I guess the Spirit didn't plan on someone finding Amelia's bones or anyone else's which may look like they belonged to her, so soon.

https://kellyisbetterthanmichelle.blogspot.com/2008/08/amelia-earhart.html Amelia’s Spirit plan was:
To disappear in this mysterious way in order to become an even more renowned person, attract attention and keep this interest alive for many years, long enough for her to be reborn and complete the goal and write the book..( see more on HOME page of the web.site)

Thomas E Devine wrote a number of books saying that Amelia was killed by Japanese on Saipan and he died. R.Wallack pretends that he saw her briefcase on Saipan and talk all the time about it and died from throat cancer He was cursed as well. There was NO Japanese around. Only bones of native people were found on that island. It is a shame that people play games around Amelia's death.

During my present life, people around me have lots of LUCK, GAIN PROSPERITY, and some WIN the LOTTERY, numerous cases in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, USA and EUROPE. All of them sending to me photos from Casino!

But 6 were punished! They were in some strange way when they did something really bad for people or community around them! Usually people broke bones and time was given to them to be alone at home, to think, to re-examine their lives and attitude. When it happened a few times, I started to warn people, asking them to stop..., trying to prevent the next outcome. (For example once, the hospital called a young scientist, my friend, asking her to come URGENTLY.

Her grandfather was dying. It was around 11 a.m. But our boss didn't let her go until the end of the day. Her grandfather died alone, because the rest of the family was in another country, her father worked as an Ambassador. That bad boss broke his hand the next morning...)


After this dream, I can add one more version to the collection of Disappearance Speculations of Amelia Earhart. It may sound really strange, but as for me after the crazy things which happened during the production of this book, when I think it is possible. It looks like a "team" of Spirits is involved and supports me in writing this book.

If it was the Spirits goal to make Amelia disappear mysteriously, in order to give people knowledge that the Spirit is ETERNAL and never dies, it is very important to live a creative spiritual life.
The Spirit manages to do this perfectly: The mysterious fate of the larger than life woman flyer tugged at the public's consciousness. No trace of the craft was ever found although an extensive coordinated search was carried out by the Navy and Coast Guard. Despite the efforts of 66 aircraft and 9 ships and an expenditure of an estimated 4 million dollars, authorized by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, their fate remained a mystery.


Julia stayed in our hotel in Kauai, Hawaii.

She agreed modeling to help with the promotion of the hotel as a tourist.
We went to the ocean with the boat and started to make a video.
It was a great adventure! Huge turquoise waves sparkling in sunshine, beautiful beach, luxury yachts, flowers and palm tree around.Suddenly Julia told me: "Everything perfect, but one important things missing.To complete picture we need to catch fish, that live fish jump on the boat! "

Shortly after we catch the fish! This fish was impossible HUGE! It was beautiful ono and all of us was very excited. For some reason it feel like Julia attract luck to us and it was a Blessing to have fish especially this size and beauty at the right day and most important moment.

owner : Steve Layne
video producers: Bridget Gardener,
Wayne Jevnager
www.gardenislandinn.com, Hawaii, Kauai


After I got in touch with Julia, author https://ameliareborn.com, who wants her books published I got a message from New York about big amount of money coming to me for my work.

We talked today over Skype and we'll work together at it. I'll help her as her agent. She was to regression hypnosis and found her other lives as Maya and Egypt priests. Her books are about to come to Amazon.
Kostya Kovalenko, Researcher and Literary Agent


I was Julia’s private tour guide and driver in Giza, Egypt.

During my talk I asked her if she felt something from the pyramid, maybe some special energy or something like this? Instead of answering, she pointed to her legs and to my surprise, I saw big goose bumps covering all of her legs! ...Suddenly from a very polite, dignified, courteous, quiet, Canadian girl, she changed into real ancient person! Julia just changed completely! I never experienced something like this in my life before. I was her personal guide during 4 days and this feeling never left me. It felt like two people lived inside her and she switched from one to the other without warning. As soon as we talked about ancient subjects or we were near the pyramids, she instantly turned to that other ancient side of hers...her voice, face and the way she talks and acts changed instantly at the same time! Anyone who was near us saw it, this change, with their own eyes. From my point of view and maybe it sounds unusual in some way she belongs to this ancient people or this family or was in touch with these ancient rituals and she knew the way it should be performed immediately. And when the rules were broken it upset her deeply.

Mohamed Abas Fattah, tour guide, Egypt, Cairo


When Julia arrived to my healing centre, “»Atlantis”», I was not surprised. I was waiting for her. I saw a dream during the night that someone from the royal Pharaohs’ family would visit me in the morning and would bring some special gift to Egypt. I felt the unusual energy from this gift. She did bring a gift for the Big Pyramid. I felt that she had a very unusual, powerful energy within her. It felt that some High Power or God sent me to help her to make the necessary adjustments for the special meeting with the Spirits of Ancient Egypt. So I had an “oil session” numerous times with her. The result was astonishing! The next day and the following day she told me in details what happened to her after my sessions. She also started asking me about a very magic, unusual cat which was visiting her! A blue-colored cat. I knew instantly that this was the Holy Spirit of Bast, the Royal Cat Goddess, which visits only very highly spiritual people. And maybe only once in a life time! This is a very rare gift. Julia was very lucky. And I am proud about my involvement to this story.

Samir Ali Baba, Egyptian healer, “Atlantis centre”, Giza, Egypt


When I turned off the lightI found that my room was overcrowded with all these Egyptian “papyrus animals”! It was very sudden and unexpected... I was scared,maybe for the first time in my whole life! I turned the light on instantly and closed my eyes. But I continued seeing them! So I tried to keep my eyes open..., but I was very sleepy. So I repeated the exercise – closed and opened, closed and opened, like in a hide-and-seek game... They were real live Spirits!

...They were talking to me in this unusual, bird-like voices..., kind of asking how I had been all these years?... As if I were meeting them again after a very long absence while traveling far away...(more in the book )



My goal was to be the first person to visit the tomb inside the pyramid! The guards called me Shakira and started telling me not to be afraid, because I was going first and that I would be totally alone inside...

It was dark in there; you could hardly see the sarcophagus near the opposite wall. But for some reason I was very excited and happy to be there alone!

Suddenly something changed... At first, for a second, I was frozen and silent. Next, I started talking in some unusual language! I just talked quietly, as if I was praying. I didn’t have any control over what was going on with me...I did not feel my body, my muscles or bones; there was just one pillar of energy going up through my body...(more in the book )


We were in Hawaii in the car with a teenager named Lauren, and Dawne, who is the manager of the hotel we were staying in, www.gardenislandinn.com

Dawne tried to park her car in the parking lot when I pointed right in front of us to the car with the number 085. I told that this is my lucky number and mentioned that Spirits talking with me throw the numbers to guide me and protect me... Lauren replied: " I don't believe in it and lucky numbers is not exist."

Dawne replied: "I like # 777. This is my special number. What if this number will appear? so maybe I will also start believe in it..."

That moment she turned the car with intention drive further and try to find available spot near shopping mall.As soon as she pronounced this sentence car right near her, from her side was with this number 777 ! We all were very surprised!

Well... some High power or some Spirits decided to prove to us that in fact they can communicate with the numbers and this time, when 777 appeared... it is not by some coincidence, but by this Spirits involvement!

About a week later in Canada I was talking on the internet on messenger (MSN) with Shawn, who is now in Hong Kong about this case and mentioned to him that stories with the numbers continue in Hawaii...Shawn before was witness himself of the situations like this occurring around me when I was in airport on the way to Alicante, Spain.

As soon as I finished talking with him suddenly a story arrived to my inbox with the same words !!!! which people forward to each other as a chain. There was a story about girl LAUREN, was in the car, driving and she had a problem and phoned # 77 to call for help.If anyone dial now this sentence on Google.com start with *77 you will read this full message: *77 It was about 1:00 p.m. In the afternoon, and Lauren was driving to visit a friend, to be safe she need to call *77.(77 ->protection in this case and was a direct link to State trooper info)

So amazingly Spirit found this message and managed to send it to me! To prove that YES, Spirits with the numbers protected me and warned me!

Most importantly is that it supports the main idea of my book: People after death continue living in Spirit world as a Spirits and even can do tricks like this!


Cheetah and Siberian wild cat talking to Julia ...
The wild little cat approached JULIA in Mexico and touched her hand !

Skills, habits, experience, and knowledge accumulated in the Spirit holographic crystal are transferred with the Spirit to the next newborn person as an inheritance from all of his past lives. This is the chain of lives of people who carried the same Spirit. The Spirit of the people is ETERNAL.