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2017, this book included 5 books , Paperback,FULL COLOUR BOOK,
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Book " YOUR ETERNAL HOLOGRAM", by Julia Svadi Hatra
2017, this book included 6 books.

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Afraid to die?

Avatar Svadi brings an amazing gift to the Human race: the Hologram of Eternity – Your guaranteed key to Survival!
What is this astonishing discovery?
Your Eternal Hologram is stronger than any known force, any material on our planet! It offers each of us a realized promise of eternal life and personal immortality!! Avatar Svadi proves scientifically that God exists and the 21st century science resonates in Cosmic Harmony with God!
For many thousands of years mankind has struggled with its deepest, darkest, secret fear. What happens to us after we die? Where do we all go?
Read this book, feel it, experience it – a deep abiding knowledge of your Eternal Spirit – Your Eternal Hologram. With its amazing fields of crystal energy, Your Human Hologram shows you how it unleashes powerful, primordial forces of quantum physics and cosmic consciousness.
Our Spirits travel in multidimensional world, where we are joined by other Spirit Travelers from our Galaxy and beyond. Released from the bonds of earthly chemistry; we can now perceive the Universe as it really is. Watch this magnificent story unfold before you – as pulsating waves of energy and sparks of quantum particles illuminate your Divine Consciousness.
Join the Avatar Princess in an Astral Voyage of Discovery; the most Amazing Ride of your Lifetime….

In the book,Your Eternal Hologram you will find the complete story about the Spirit Journey of Amelia and all her other past lives as a Priest of Chichen Itza, an Atlantean Queen, Ancient Egyptian royal Priestess, Julia Svadihatra and even one future life. This big book contains all 4 books we just mentioned: Priest, Who is Chak Mol, Amelia Return, Kukulcan and an additional chapter: The Dreams of an Atlantean Queen about life in Atlantis.

Was Amelia MEANT TO DIE? Before Spirit was born as Amelia, Spirit made a plan where to be born, who to be, what to do and how to die! The PLAN was...see on HOME PAGE of the web.site.

Was Amelia an Atlantean Queen in her past life? Did she carry with her secrets of the crystal pyramid and how to re-ignite its energy? In this book Amelia’s Spirit went back to her past life in Atlantis and her abilities began to emerge in this life time in a new re-born person!

First Edition

In the book, “AMELIA REBORN?” Amelia Earhart is talking to us. Astonishing secrets are revealed. Was Amelia meant to die according to some "secret plan"? Through the author's past life experience, Amelia is able to describe the last minutes before her death, how she enters Heaven. Why was she lost? Why is it impossibly difficult to find her? Is it a curse by ancient Egyptian or Mexican spirits on those who are "playing games" around Amelia's disappearance? What is common between Amelia and the Ancient Priest of Chichen Itza? In this book you will also find details of Amelia's SPIRIT JOURNEY from her life in Ancient Egypt.
Did Amelia belong to a royal family of Ancient Egypt or was she a Priestess there? A unique Egypt’s ancient initiation ceremony of a Goddess, meeting with Egyptian Goddesses and magic of the Holy Spirit of Bast, the Royal Cat Goddess, intriguing Anubis, communication with an Ancient Priest & Pharaoh, swimming in the efir oils, present to the Great Cheops pyramid, ancient ritual inside the tomb, talking to mummies, GIANT Pharaohs... are all in this truly Mysterious Magic Egypt.

In the book, “THE PRIEST” you will find details of Julia’s SPIRIT JOURNEY from her life as an Ancient Mayan Priest of Chichen Itza. 2000 years old secrets revealed: how he performed ceremonies and rituals on top of the pyramid, the Spirit world, sacrifices, symbols and the life of the ancient Maya people in Chichen Itza – a Message from them to the present-day civilization passed on to us. Meeting with God and angels, contacts with ancient Goddesses, Persian Goddesses, new Atharvan images, Zarathustra, ghosts, visiting a real Buddhist temple ... are all in Ancient Priest of Chichen Itza reincarnated by Julia SvadiHatra.

In the book, “WHO IS CHAK MOL?” you will find who the Ancient Priest meets in Chichen Itza! Guess who it was? A Mexican hero, Chak Mol! You will find out who he was; where he came from before arriving in Mexico and Chichen Itza and even who his mother was! He was a giant Atlantean man! You will find out where he lived and where he played in Chichen Itza.

In the book, “KUKULCAN” an Ancient Maya Priest comes to you through thousands of years and giving rare knowledge what you can expect after your own death. All people will live in Spirit world between lives. The spirit world is full of amazing colors, lights, dynamics speed and magic things which do not exist in our world. Travel in Time? Teleportation? Meeting with Kukulcan-Quetzalcoatl. Who is he? From where GIANTS come on Earth? Why people build pyramids? Do we live in the Past or in the Future?

e-book, New edition - 2016