As I read "YOUR ETERNAL HOLOGRAM, New discovery is a key to Access and Enlighten your Consciousness" I found myself totally fascinated with Julia SvadiHatra's life journey. Julia writes about her awakening into knowing who she really is. Her path has been an intriguing one. As she has gone through her life, she has experienced memories and dreams of who she was in her former lives. Three key people stand out in her recollections, Amelia Earhart, a Mayan Priest and an Alantean Queen. Not a person just to sit back and recollect, Julia has journeyed to places where she feels she has been before. Included in her story are some incredible pictures that are reflective of her personal experiences in prior lives. She also discusses dream states that she has been in where she recollects some incredible events, including many of which involve initiations.
To back up her experiences, Julia includes testimonials from people who were there when fantastic events were taking place around her. As a scientist, she also has researched and extensively referenced much of the material that she offers. She discusses correlations of her experiences to actual scientific events or possible explanations, and she offers interpretations of her dreams. In addition to extensive referencing, Julia offers some incredible photographs to illustrate what she is talking about. I found myself getting goose bumps over and over.
I had two initial impressions upon reading this book. The first was admiration and the second was appreciation. I admired the author's willingness to take on the task that she has in writing her story. Just as this is not a book to be read in one sitting, it was also not a story that could be told in one lifetime. The feeling of appreciation came from being appreciative that Julia was willing to put her story out there for the people of the world to read and to be inspired to discover their own stories.
Julia SvadiHatra strikes me as a phenomenal woman who has not allowed her human shell to hide the essence of who she truly is. She has not allowed a mundane facade to cover up her real beauty and essence. She radiates beauty and strength from the inside out. By reading about her experiences, and the incredible dreams that followed me in my life, she made me want to get up and shake off my fears and apprehensions about really allowing who I am to emerge.
I highly recommend "YOUR ETERNAL HOLOGRAM" by Julia SvadiHatra to people who are feeling compelled to explore their pasts and use that knowledge to take the next step in their evolution. As you read it, you will find yourself letting go of the shackles that you are allowing to hold yourself back. Ready, get set, go...

Customer Reviews
"YOUR ETERNAL HOLOGRAM, New discovery is a key to Access and Enlighten your Consciousness"
Fascinating, November 28, 2009
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/09)
By Reader Views www.readerviews.com(Austin, Texas)


I really do think from what I wrote that you are an amazing woman, someone that comes along once in a life time. You are a real live Goddess! Most priceless alive human on the planet at our time. I really mean it is Incredible! Your outlook on life, philosophy and spiritual beliefs outstanding and intriguing. Your dreams very smart, unusual, bright and full of dynamic. It attracts like a magnet to read your wise book. Intelligence far beyond normal. What is your IQ?

Henry D.


Thank you for the quick response and your AMAZING book! I cannot wait to explore your adventures and gems of wisdom that are no doubt found all throughout your work and experiences...I am finding your stories and dreams fascinating! You have inspired me to continue my search into my own past life regression, as I know many keys lie within my own experiences that I do not fully comprehend now. You are extremely special and I can only thank Our Creator for stumbling onto your site...

In Love & Light,


BEST BOOK TO TAKE TO THE BANKER! IT WILL BE NEVER BORING TO READ IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR MANY YEARS! YOUR BOOK like a jewelry box for me, which if you would open it; you would be astonished seeing the flush of rare, magic multicolored things inside it. You are AVATAR who opened this rare knowledge to all of us.



"I feel very close to Amelia when I look at you or read your words. She, as you know, was also a budding scientist-physician before she turned to flying planes. Amelia's survived spirit is a much more profound thing than any physical reality."



Amelia here is just the top of the iceberg! Looks like the Spirit structure as a Russian doll "matreshka". Each layer is a human life and more deep it goes more ancient and unique person come out!!... Atlantean queen... Egyptian Royal Priest... Sumerian Priest... and even Giants... But I agree, You, Svadi Hatra is the one who culminates with the final incarnation of this ancient Spirit Being as a scientist and author.



Amelia Reborn displays living proof of how a profound spirit will live on through the ages, and re-manifest itself in other living beings. Maya Priest, Ancient Priest of Chichйn Itzб, Ancient Royal Egyptian, Sumerian Priest, Svadi Hatra, Giant Svadi, Atlantean woman, the chain is intertwined chronologically, to include Amelia and Julia, and no one tells it so beautifully as Amelia Reborn.


paintings: Eternal Spirit by Shahla Homayouni
www.homayouni.com contact: Shahla.ht@gmail.com


Amelia Reborn, her website, her spirituality, and her ever evolving outlook will truly and completely open the mind, the soul, and the spirituality of all who is not afraid to surrender themselves for their own self benefit.



I remember that I was so curious about Julia’s book, and when it arrived I immediately started reading. It was hard to put it down so I think I read it in two days or so. Julia’s story about her memories as Amelia touched me deeply. And the reports about her ancient Maya heritage caused quite a stir. Once or twice my own memories about that time came to the surface. I want to thank Julia for telling her story in her own way because that made it possible to solve a piece or two of my own puzzle, it inspired me to experience some of my former lives. I hope this book will be published in the Netherlands shortly!

Blessings, Carola


Wow! I love these books! I read 85 pages in one sitting! I do not know Julia, yet I have known her forever. The first night I watched her videos and saw her pictures I knew there was truth to be shared. I have always known the information she shared, yet it was the first time these ears heard it. When you find yourself fighting your want to believe, listen without ears. I was shown her honesty through proof like many others, but do not misunderstand 'proof' through the filter of what you have been told, instead understand it through the power you have within yourself to reconcile what it true to YOU. Blessed be. On a separate note all together, I know now about the druids and the snake skirts, the rights and the knowledge that were lost or hidden. I understand more now about the true nature of where your benevolent precursory lifetimes came from and why the 'common law of good and well ordered universality' was not a fanciful myth but a time so sublime and so non-pastoral that people could scarcely believe such things could be their own real history.
It was a major shift for Julia, a shift into the physical interlacing of her druid/priest/teacher past. Chills reading that parts. Beyond maya, beyond illusion, past legend, past scrambled history; Julia, you are a two eyed serpent, you are a druid, A surveyor of the landscape of truth, descendant of AN; a Tuatha Den'AN.
I am honored to have witnessed your arrival here and can only hope that there are others who have come into this lifetime, that can rectify the broken strings so that our harmony can be heard once again and without tremor. Let those who have confused us and cast us into ignorance be raised up and rejoined to the radiant light so we may continue our quest without shackle or fetter.

One love to you, Sister of the Cultivation –
Seth I.


In 2008 I met Julia via Internet and we have been sending each other many emails ever since. As a professional past life/regression therapist, with my own practice in the Netherlands, I have done thousands of sessions with clients to their past lives over the last twenty years and I have written many articles in magazines and various books regarding the subject reincarnation and past life memories.
It struck me that Julia is a kind-hearted, honest, intelligent, down-to-earth person. And apart from that, she is a scientist. She approaches reincarnation (soul & body) on a more scientific level, different from the way I work as a therapist with emotions of clients and finishing emotional trauma in past lives.
Julia’s mission is among others to proof scientifically that after death our spirits do not die.
As a therapist I also see these recurring patterns and characteristics in past lives of myself and of my many clients but I never felt the need to do something with that information. However Julia does. She wants the world to know that our spirit is eternal. If we die, our spirit goes on...
I’ve read Julia’s book and was impressed by the many details she had produced in proving that we, human beings, do not need fear death because our spirit is eternal. She did this by unraveling her own dreams, deep investigation, visiting countries and comparing information out of 4 of her different past lives.
Julia was definitively an Atlantean queen (I would rather call that some sort of an Atlantean high priestess) in one of her past lives. She has vivid memories of me being her sister in that lifetime. I only have vague recollections about that specific past life, but I am pretty sure that she is correct about that. Not all persons remember the same way, one in colours, images, another in feelings, emotions, knowing.
Once I did a past life consult with a friend of her, Simon D., and he also stated during his regression that he knew her from that past life as a queen in Atlantis.
In another life time Julia was a Maya priest. No doubt she had lived many other lives as well. I have had vivid images of a lifetime in which Julia and I were travelling in space together in a strange grey vessel.
Lucky, that this lifetime Julia is a scientific investigator, so she is able to proof things.
I found many little details in the book that made me able to say: yes, Julia was once Amelia Earhart, or even better: the soul in Julia’s body now, was in Amelia’s body the last time. But besides that, it’s a lovely book to read. I do hope that Julia’s book will reach many readers so that people everywhere will learn that indeed our soul goes on...

Marianne Notschaele-den Boer


Wow! I guess I discovered real treasure here!



This Spirit created the most longest commercial add in the history! With Amelia's disappearance mystery, Spirit keep whole world attention for 70 years long! And now decided to give SECRET of SPIRIT's ETERNITY LIFE to humanity! Smart!



February 3, 2011
Julia sent me a copy of her book, ETERNAL HOLOGRAM. I discover that Julia's message to humanity is *genuine*, *accurate*, and of the *utmost importance* to all of us!
The story of her Spirit is filled with highly detailed experiences, vivid and powerful dreams, and countless insights that will bring you great joy and peace, as she proves and reminds us that we are all Divine Beings of Light. I have come to understand that Julia is very special and that her purpose was decided *before* she incarnated in her past and current lifetimes. As a priest and scientist of the highest caliber, her message of Truth and Love will help assist ALL those who are ready to receive it.
As we continue to approach 2012, people everywhere are Awakening as the global veils of illusion continue to dissipate. People are asking: "Who am I?" and "Where do I really come from?". These are important and vital questions to ask ourselves! The answers will not be revealed to us from an outside source, but rather, from *within*! Let your Spirit guide you as you discover your *true purpose* -- in this lifetime and beyond. Julia's collection of books, videos, audios, and images provide a powerful and comprehensive look into the journey of a Great Spirit. Her mission in this lifetime is of the utmost importance for humanity, and you will feel this as you read and experience it! After all, it is no coincidence that you are reading these words right now!
I have been learning more about myself and my past ever since I met Julia. She has helped my spiritual progression in many ways already, just by reading and experiencing her story. I also know now that our Spirit connection predates this current lifetime. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have had assisting her with this book and will continue to spread its message far and wide.
We are living in the most unique and exciting time in history -- and we are all here by our own choice! Let us all make the most of this wonderful experience.
Thank you to Julia and to all those who are reading this now! Blessings to you all.

In Love & Light,
Eliot James Estep
(Eternal Student -- USA)


That is so wonderful, and you should be so very proud of yourself. Just think of the impact that you can have on the lives of others through your book ... opening up their minds, their spirituality, their soul, and their current lives!!!!!!"

Christopher M.


Afraid to die? Just read front page of that website! and you will never afraid again! Never! Can't wait to read whole book... Amazing! YES, Amelia alive! Can you believe it?



WOW, it's such a small world! Thank you! This shows that we are all recycled in one way or another.
PS. You are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! U've been a Ancient Maya Priest of Chichйn Itzб, the first TRUE female pilot known as the Great Amelia Earhart, and NOW you are America's Next Top Model!



You are a true testimony of skeptics whose been there in the ''I don't know'' phase, to ''it's more real than you can ever imagine'' phase! most scientists are realists because that's what they study and go by what's there in the naked eye, without really giving spiritual connections a try for the simple idea that ''it was just my imagination'' kind of thing.
But when you go through something like what YOU'VE gone through and journeyed to the past YOU, there isn't a second question or a way to deny it (especially coming from a woman like Earhart, prior HIGH, Ancient Priest of Chichйn Itzб that students study about in history books)! Whoop, that gives ME a chill!
I can understand your story without judgment or having a big head about it quite well, because I truly with all my heart believe in things like this. Just finding this kind of thing out only 1 year ago, I'm sure it STILL can give you a rush, because it still must feel so fresh, like it was only yesterday you found out. But if you've had visions and dreams about it, I'm sure that it can give you a kind wisdom you've never had before, and a final connection to it all (and not just think you're going crazy).
Because you are literally a "walking, breathing LIVING LEGEND" only so many can understand and appreciate, since there ALWAYS will be skeptics. But to the skeptics you can tell them, "Hey, I was once just like you!"
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE www.eternalhologram.com, all the more detailed insight and your experience. I am definitely in the process of ordering your book (and help promoting it too)! I think this is a story and an insight everybody should know about and bring the closure and the TRUE scoop on what REALLY happened to the -''once'' dearly departed Amelia Earhart! (get it?)
Miss Julia, you are BEAUTIFUL and INCREDIBLE, and I can see why Amelia chose such a sweet, graceful, elegant, and intelligent woman to come back in and share the new millennium with us to keep her story alive and heard, and give us the truth!

With love and admiration, Erica!


Dearest Julia, Thank you so much for the contents of your book. I just skimmed through the first 100 pages and find it fascinating ! It is amazing, the many enriching experiences and exciting adventures you have had in your life, Julia. You are a very highly advanced soul, and very blessed in the Divine realm.

Alannah Ireland,
Canada, March 2016


I have read your book from cover to cover. I think it is a awesome book written with the spirit of eternal live in a way that everyone can understand the spiritual touch from your dreams.
I know how important your story about the Violet is. It is not only a dream because I know this field really exist in the Netherlands. On this field are important 2500 years old graves of spiritual leadership like that of Odin and Svadi. Svadi was a son of Thor, his mother the daughter of king Priam of Troy.
The Violet field is known as 'splendor field'. It's location is refenced twice in Voluspa in the Poetic Edda as 'Ithavoll', as a meeting place of the gods
The history of the Violet field survived as the wise woman's prophecy, the song of a seers. Odin/Wotan, chief of the gods, always conscious of impending disaster and eager for knowledge calls on a wise-woman. She first tells him a part of the past, of the creation of the world. By stanza 30 she than turns to the real prophecy, the disclosure of the final destruction.
This final battle, in which fire and flood overwhelm heaven and earth: The fate of the Gods, with a happy end.
"Now do I see, the earth a new. Rise all green, from the waves again; The cataracts fall, and the eagle flies, and fish he catches beneath the cliffs. The gods in Ithavoll meet together, of the terrible girdler, of earth they talk; And the mighty past, they call to mind, and the ancient runes, of the rulers of Gods."

Martin van Wieringen The Netherlands


“Your Eternal Hologram” chronicles the magnificent journey of an ancient Spirit Being. The book begins in Chichйn Itzб and describes lives in Atlantis, ancient Egypt and Mexico. The remembrance includes an incarnation as Amelia Earhart and culminates with the final incarnation of this ancient Spirit Being into the scientist and author, Julia Svadi Hatra. Chapter after chapter, dream after dream, Julia weaves a tale of phantasmagoric images, describing her life as an ancient Maya Priest, how she was consecrated in a Buddhist Temple, how she devotes her innocence and intellect to the scientific explanation of her dreams and visions. Where ever the visions or dreams occurred, she goes – physically travels – to the place and finds verification, veracity into what she has asserted many years ago. Many people claim to have “seen the light”, to have had “near death experience” but not many (if any) claim to have visited the world of Lucifer to have gone through the “Violet Field” of temptation and come back, not once, but many times over. Julia has traveled to the Other Side, to our Parallel World. She has a definite view or panoramic vision of our destiny, our eternity. Julia is by no means a religious person, she is a scientist. She is not to be fooled by anyone’s pretenses; she will delve into science, to prove you right or wrong. She follows in the footsteps of such eminent minds as that of Stephen Hawking, Peter Gariaev, and countless others – only to verify any and all of her dreams. Julia knows where Amelia Earhart’s plane is – she can pin point the location of Amelia’s tragic end with absolute certainty. She even offered to accompany a team of scientists to the place – only to be turned down ... The luxury and privilege of a Goddess is now within your reach. Let this unique and magnificent book create an ocean of feelings that will touch the deepest layers of your Spirit and Soul. Discover the treasure of your inner harmony, peace and power. It is a precious gift of rare knowledge and experiences about the existence of a much BIGGER Eternal Spirit LIFE, outside the present one, which each of us is living right now.

Roxane Christ


“I've been a psychotherapist for many years. My specialty was using hypnosis and helping people do regressions, both in this lifetime and past lives. I've done hundreds of past lives on myself and with those of my clients and friends. I'm pretty skeptical of other people saying they did a past life as everyone wants to see themselves as being someone famous, i.e., the Queen of Sheba, the King of Siam, Marilyn Monroe, or even Amelia Earhart. When I first saw Julia's claim that she was Amelia Earhart, I instantly had those same skeptical thoughts.
As I read her accounts however, of how she did her past life regressions (in hypnosis); the dreams she had for years prior to this; the feelings and emotions she felt in the dreams and her regressions; and the 'proof' she has offered from her scientific background, there is no doubt she is indeed, Amelia Reborn!
After meeting Julia in person, I did a past life where she and I were together in Atlantis where she was the Queen. Together we worked with the amazing technology of Atlantis, which ultimately brought the downfall of the country.
In another of Julia's lives, she was the High Priestess in Chichen Itza, Mexico.
As stated above, I'm always skeptical of someone claiming to be well knows people from history. Remarkably, in this case, Julia has proven to me that she has indeed lived these remarkable lives.
Julia's spiritual destiny is to bring this message to those who will listen that there is life after life, both in this world and in that world between lives, the soul lives on, the joy of life and living, and that there is truly nothing to fear.

Douglas Settles, M.A.


Reading your book but I am crying so much reading I can hardly read it. Your book resonates so much with me, so much emotions it brings up. You put your heart in this book to touch the hearts of the readers.

Buryl P.


Julia Svadi Hatra is perhaps the purest soul I have ever come in contact with. After years of knowing her, I realized her external beauty has somehow been surpassed by her inner beauty.

JC Smith


This is an amazing story and reality. Thank you for sharing this? with the world. Much Love, Light and Blessings your way! Greetings with love from Indonesia.

YOUTUBE schmeitss


Julia, The Universe works in mysterious ways! I noticed a front cover of your books on a website. I was rather intrigued about your experiences and you sent me your latest book to read, a number of stories in your book triggered memories in me. Amazing that it is only 6 weeks ago when we got in touch when I was in Madagascar and you in Canada, which is truly on the opposite side of the world. Since this day I read your book, visited your friend, past life specialist Marianne in the Netherlands, I visited Chichen Itza in Mexico! Amazing how “the old force” that you so easy appear to tap into, together with “the new technology of the internet” makes the world an amazing small place! I wish you well with all your ambitions, plans and visions, the world will be a better place for it!

Hans Donker, Brisbane, Australia


We loved your book.
It will help people understand that the Kukulkan lineages are still alive today. The return of the intended magicians is understandable through your journey.



Dearest Julia,
I would just like to say: THANK YOU for your amazing contribution to humanity. I truly believe that your work accomplishes what it set it out to do, and hope that it will reach the eyes and ears of the masses for their consideration and contribution to their own Awakening.
The knowledge you have brought forth about our ETERNAL HOLOGRAM, the Annunaki/Nephilim/Giants, the 'alternate' true history of humanity, the purpose of Atlantean crystals/pyramids/etc, the understandings of Mayan culture/history/purpose and how it relates to our current stage of humanity, has all been PRICELESS and ACCURATE wisdom. I truly thank you for your wonderful and persistent efforts of uncovering the past, future, and present journeys of your great Spirit.
I have learned MUCH from your book, guidance, and example. Your Spirit is one I will never forget, and hope to meet again in person someday. I know that we came into contact for a purpose, and I hope that my assistance was valuable in the final publishing of your book.

Sincerely, with Love,


Ancient Maya language you spoke in your present life, is what we call xenoglossy, being able to talk a language out of a past life even if you never have learned it in your present life.

YOUTUBE XYmar89 www.vorigelevens.nl/


Dear Julia and the Amelia Reborn Team,

I am writing to you today with a heart full of gratitude and awe after embarking on an incredibly transformative journey through your Amelia Reborn website being a trigger. The experience has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I feel compelled to share my intimate reflections.

Your book, accompanied by the inspiring testimonials, served as the catalyst for my journey into this profound exploration of self. The emotions stirred during my first quantum hypnotic regression were both visceral and enlightening. I found myself standing above the revered Mayan pyramid, a beacon of radiant energy, sending waves of water, joy, and growth to all the people of the tribe. It was a feeling of deep honor, as if I had won a cosmic game, and the visitation of animals – wolves, eagles, monkeys, elephants, deer, and even a leopard – added an extra layer of mystique to the experience. I could sense your presence throughout this surreal encounter.

Your book left such a lasting impression on me that I am eager to read it again, anticipating the next wave of emotions it might evoke.

However, it wasn't just the positive and uplifting experiences that unfolded. The mere act of reading an email from you triggered an intense emotional response within me. Tears streamed down my face, my body seemed to rebel with an overflow of emotions, and my morning started with a blurry vision, a testament to the profound impact your work has had on me.

This emotional whirlwind, initiated by your seemingly innocent email, prompted a deeper reflection on my life's journey. I've felt lost for many years, akin to a fish trying to climb a tree, struggling against societal expectations despite external signs of success. The illusion of conformity led to a corporate burnout, two divorces, and even a near-death experience. It became clear that life was sending me messages to flow with it rather than fight against it.

In the pursuit of authenticity, I ventured into various business models, hoping for a quick solution. Yet, despair followed, pushing me further into the realms of alternative healing to recover my soul, find my life mission, and incarnate my true role in the vast ocean of existence.

Amidst this soul-searching, quantum regression hypnosis came into my awareness. Having read Neale Donald Walsch's books about conversations with God, I was no stranger to the exploration of past lives and the mysteries beyond death. The questions surrounding mortality have always lingered, intensified by the loss of my little sister at a tender age.

However, the peculiar and profound happened when I discovered Amelia Reborn. Your book and videos consistently led to unexpected bursts of emotion, prompting me to investigate further. This exploration culminated in my first quantum hypnosis session guided by Laura, an experience that surpassed all expectations.

Transported to the Mayan pyramid, playing a unique ball game with the purpose of self-sacrifice for the greater good, I felt a sense of pride and connection to the earth, cacao, and ground fertility. The journey continued beyond death, with me hovering above the pyramid in a cross-shaped form, witnessing the gratitude and renewal of life from the fields, culture, cacao, and people.

The exploration traversed various lifetimes, revealing healing roles, secrets, and encounters with animals and nature presences. The request to use my audio recording for its sounds and emotional depth, tied to traditional shamanic practices, left me both astonished and honored.

As the session concluded, I woke up with a heightened consciousness, fully aware of the process, the vision, the feelings, and the memories. The accuracy and authenticity of the experience left me in awe, reinforcing my deep connection to the work you do at Amelia Reborn.

Upon receiving your subsequent email, my emotions intensified, and I found myself sharing this profound journey with you. The revelation that you are a princess from the Maya time and the suggestion that your son might be the only one to react as I did created yet another pulse of intense emotions.

For those seeking a genuine exploration of self through quantum hypnosis regression, I wholeheartedly recommend delving into this experience. The inexplicable connections, the vivid visions, and the emotional depth are beyond what my rational mind could have ever fathomed.

If you're curious to explore further, you can find more about my journey and specialization in quantum shamanic healing, masculine wisdom, and holistic well-being on my website www.gregkukulcan.com. While the site is currently in French, the essence of the vision I incarnated above a Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza transcends language barriers.

In closing, I extend my deepest gratitude to you, Julia, and the entire Amelia Reborn team for facilitating a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, unveiling the depths of my soul in ways I never imagined.

With sincere appreciation,


Dear Julia, Well, I couldn't wait and read Mind Over Matter. Yes, you definitely traveled back through time and space. The scientist in 2008 hooked to you - and visa versa - in 2009. There is much we can talk about. As I passed through the pages quickly to get to Mind over Matter, I kept being pulled to stop and read your book! The energy of your Life stories is magnetic. You really wrote an excellent, and compelling book. I can tell this just from how interesting the energy is, coming from your book.Yes, you feel so much like Amelia Earhart. I was alive in the USA at the time. I can feel her energy within you… It is 1am my time,

School of Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Empathy,Past lives, Star Family Lives and SSP Out and Backs.
YOUTUBE: My experience with Time Travel, Part 1. Staying on Timeline 1.


As I read Julia's book, "Your Eternal Hologram" I was amazed by her remarkable abilities. She can see things that for normal people, are impossible to see. As a top scientist who has worked for a long time on government programs that studied ETs, I can assure you that her discovery about the existence of the HUMAN ETERNAL HOLOGRAM is absolutely correct. We are a group of scientists that have witnessed that when aliens meet a person, they take information from that individual. This hologram, which each human has, contains information about the person’s past, present and possibly its future... The fact that Julia is an Ancient Maya priest reincarnated from Chichen Itza is unique and precious. She gives important facts on the subject of reincarnation.
She shows how the knowledge of a Power of Reincarnation will change the consciousness of people, she gifted a rare knowledge to Humanity about the Spirit life after a person's death, as well as with her Foundation support my deep research about the importance of the Pyramids chain structure in our planet in coming years and beyond.

Uvarov Valery, https://pyramids.iicufi.org/index.php?id=177&L=1


Julia, is a very special lady. Where others stop, she will continue to search for the right answers. In the coming Earth changes she will guide many through these turbulent times.

Patrick Jeryl, author "How to Survive 2012”


I HIGHLY advise anyone and everyone to pick up this sweet beautiful ladies book about all of this. A true MUST READ that has some really interesting and inciteful fact's that really crack's it down in even more depth. Nobody (unless your living right that is) should be afraid of passing away.
She is definetely a TRUE testimony to this very important fact that live's even beyond HER words that everyone really must understand.

Erica, Texas, USA


Julia, Thanks for writing all your dreams down in your book. I have read the book over the last month and there is only one thing I can say: it feels very familiar with me. The parts about Atlantis struck me right in the heart. Funny that you describe the drawing of an ‘eight’ with your hand to start materialization. I knew it was working like that, so reading it in your book sounded so normal to me.
Also the part about Belgium drilling is exactly as it is. I am living in Holland, just at the Belgium border. I met in recent years some people from Belgium who still have knowledge and use some of their tricks from the time there was ancient magic on earth.
Not all every single page of the book did ring a bell, but my soul will know what to do with the information.
Thanks for sharing your dreams, it helped me to step to the next level of my spiritual development.

Kind regards,
Peter, Reusel, The Netherlands


When my friend came to me with Julia for the first time, a wave of energy began to move between me and Julia. We both had goose bumps all over our bodies. This is how our souls begin to know each other. We were with her in Sumer, Persia and in Atlantis. I took Julia's hand in my hands.
Surprisingly for me and all the people who were around us, our fingers began as magnets stick to each other! Yes, Julia and I, we were together in Atlantis. I remember our life in Atlantis. We were 3-4 meters high, both like on my paintings. She was a Queen there.
Julia has a very powerful, unusual energy, and many abilities. For example, she can see the spirits of dead people. One day a woman came to me from a TV channel, the program "Good Morning" and asked me about her passed away father. I was very busy with sick people and asked Julia for help. Julia immediately saw the father of the woman right next to her and described big white spot on his stomach area. When the woman called her mother, she confirmed that her father had big white spot! By the time the children grew up, the father was healed. That is why children have never seen a white spot. The father actually arrived and showed this white spot and proved that it is indeed him and people after the death still exist and live as spirits before they will be born again. I know that she can do healing for people with cancer. A couple of times I had way too many patients and all those who were with the cancer I sent to another room to Julia to take care about them, all went home happy. Julia likes to heal, I guess it came to her from her previous life as a Maya priest. She support me with the energy when I was sick.
At night, when I paint pictures, I write poems ...Surprisingly, the next day Julia can come and read my new poem, which I created only a few hours ago! She said that she woke up from my voice and start recording ... it's happened several times.??

Djuna Davitashvili, healer, president of the "International Academy of Alternative Sciences "
Russia, Moscow


The most unusual in this book - it really is the real magic. In the text of the book there is an amazing property that occurs while reading, which are beginning to activate the vibration of our Soul, affecting the deepest layers of our Spirit, our eternal hologram every person who reads it! People begin to remember past lives, suddenly opening there own unusual abilities ...People told that while they reading the book, vibrations emanating from those dreams described in the book activate the mind and they think the situations happened to them in their past lives. It does not matter if someone does not understand everything in the book - a miracle to happen anyway! It's amazing and delicious! You can learn about it in a review of other people, who also had a similar experience as me.

This book - a real key for access to the enlightenment of consciousness each and everyone on this planet. Julia is a true Magician, who visits our planet with high mission for humanity.

David Csercsics,
Toronto, Canada


Got this weekend your book in the hand. Even touching the book gave me already trills.
I have been reading several parts of it. It is more then amazing. Your statement that ‘spirit is eternal’ is well emphasized and believable. Your contribution to testify from the invisible world will bring back a lot of people to live a sound faith driven live. You know that you are abundantly blessed, set-apart and might fully used to serve as a priest.
It was already written by the prophet Hosea: (free quote) ‘My people (says Yahweh) are destroyed for lack of knowledge.’ He blames the priests for it as it is their task to instruct the people and that during that period priests neglected that and lived a shameful decadent live, not caring for the common man.
Now you are here, bringing the knowledge that can save the people from destruction. That’s exactly why your speech, book(s) and video (s) should be spread rapidly all over the world in many languages. Sure a giant enterprise and of course you will persevere.
Reading your book my reverence is increasing strongly for you being out there as a living testimonial of the Spirit world. Many mediums, psychics etc. tried to approach me in vain the last 20-yrs, as none of them were pure and badly wired with the parallel world. Now finally there is you! The living model of faith, hope, love, creativity and beauty. Blessed are you that brings peace of mind instead of fear.
I will order 10 copies of the book to hand over to friends. Also to my granddaughter, whom was trilled after reading the back cover.

Alfons Ven
Deviser of the 28-day cure.
e-mail: info@alfonsven.com

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